Contract Logistic:

Our activity is concentrated towards rendering warehousing services in a chain of deliveries, both in logistics of commercial goods and in advertising materials (sales support). Our own warehousing space and the used technologies give us the ability of ensuring full and efficient service to the client’s online shop.


DMT’s offer considerably exceeds storing of the given goods. Within warehousing logistics we conduct all actions connected to the movement of the goods and the appropriate preparations needed for their distribution:

  • admittance
  • storing
  • scanning of the bar codes of every single unit of the cargo
  • labeling
  • repackaging of single-element cargo, apportionment of general cargo
  • packaging, preparing appropriate dispatch packages
  • completing deliveries for the receivers from singe units of cargo
  • appropriate tagging and securing the delivery in order to avoid damage during the transport
  • issuance
  • service of cancelled goods and verification of further utility of the goods


We also keep full documentation and filing system in an IT system – we are able to establish the history of movement of any article at all times


We afford two high-class, modern facilities to our clients:

  • Terminal I – located in Pruszków in a logistic complex at Parzniewska street – a modern warehouse with the capacity of over 9000 pallets
  • Terminal II – located in Pruszków in a logistic complex at 3 Maja street – a warehouse that is capable of holding products in controlled temperature (pharmaceuticals, groceries, forage) and with a capacity of 500 pallets


To operate the warehouses we extensively use technologies, widely known on the market, which improve and optimize our work:

  • An IT system of managing the warehouse.
  • Collectors of data.
  • Equipment for vertical and horizontal transport.
  • Steering terminals.
  • Packing devices.


Their use means not only higher quality of the offered services but also attractive financial conditions of cooperation.


To all the clients, who decide to accept the offer of DMT ‘s range of logistic warehousing services, we can assure a variety of additional advantages:


  • Lowering the costs and time of deliveries – thanks to the great localization of the warehousing facilities and their close proximity to the main cargo routs and transportation hubs (Poznan-Warsaw rout – 10 min., Katowice-Warsaw rout 20 min., Centre of Warsaw – 15 min., Konotopa hub of A2 highway – 2km, customs office – 0,5km, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport – 15 min, container terminal of Polish State Railway – 1,2km)
    • keeping the conditions of storing appropriate: temperature and humidity of air prevents the goods from spoiling; a system of automatic notification upon excessive amplitude of temperature and air humidity allows an immediate intervention when it is necessary
    • constantly keeping the surface of the warehouse clean prevents from excessive gathering of dirt and particles which can cause in malfunction of devices or contamination of the goods
    • securing the goods from the risk of physical damages in the warehouse
    • a complex system of motion and smoke detectors and a system of interior industrial cameras which are connected with an external company’s monitoring system that enables an immediate intervention in case of danger situationsFull safety of the stored goods, which we ensure on a few levels through:
    • 2 cameras (to which we give access to our clients on-line) recording the surroundings of the warehouse and 24h patrols of a professional security agency which successfully prevents anybody from intruding
  • Full access to the information about the stored goods: history of movement, current warehouse status, rotation of cargo in the warehouse, a variety of custom, self-generating collations and reports which gather data from an IT system.
  • The convenience of placing an order and checking the status of their completion via the Internet and IT tools made accessible by our company.


We guarantee that the highest standards of services are kept – not only because of fulfilling the ISO norms but also because of the similarity and repeatability of actions which we train and master from years. We had enough time to work out and select the best and most effective solutions – our “know-how”.