The transportation services offered by DMT are development of the activity of a company which follows its principles in managing the stored goods. We are licensed to run a transportation company in the area of automobile transportation within the country and abroad.

We are in hold of our own fleet. We invest only in new vehicles – their perfect condition and reliability equals effective execution of the orders, and therefore higher security of the transported goods. I also notice environment protection – our vehicles conform to the norms no less than Euro 2.

What advantages can we offer in terms of transportation services?


Short time of completion:

  • new and reliable vehicles are always ready to transport goods
  • our own fleet of vehicles grants the execution of orders in an express manner (we are not subjected to the availability of carriers)
  • the vehicles are equipped in self-loading platforms and in pallet trucks which ease the loading and unloading; container vehicles are equipped with lifts
  • each delivery has an advice note – the receiver is always informed about the exact delivery time


  • each transportation order has appropriate protection – a liability insurance
  • thanks to eliminating intermediaries from our work we have an influence on keeping the supplied information confidential (e.g. distribution of teaching material for the company dealers or marketing material connected with planned promotion campaigns)
  • the goods are always stored in appropriate temperature conditions, preventing them from being spoiled or destroyed – we are in hold of vehicles designed for making deliveries in controlled temperatures

Lower costs of transportation services than in case of courier companies:

  • an optimal choice of vehicles regarding their cubic measure and capacity (from 4 to 35 euro pallets) grants a minimization of unit transportation costs, which allows us to offer our clients competitive prices
  • complexity of realization of orders gives us a greater ability to discount our services
  • we can additionally secure the vehicle with a special seal supplied with a number from the bill of lading or the delivery note

Our carriers and logistic partners are large and trusted companies: Wincanton, DPD Poland, TNT Poland. All clients who have an agreement with these companies and cooperate with DMT in terms of warehousing and distribution can remain calm about the quality and effects of this cooperation. Also, when carrying out significantly big projects we benefit from the support of these carriers as well.