Warehouse rental

Dodano: 01.05.2018


More and more companies decide to rent storage area instead of constructing their own warehouse. Rental brings many benefits thanks to which using a warehouse seems less time-consuming and complicated. It is worth taking a closer look. Firstly: savings Renting a warehouse is a great idea for companies which have just started breaking into the […]

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(Polski) Dystrybucja towarów przez centrum logistyczne



Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

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Since April 2017 all staff is located in one place.

Dodano: 25.04.2017

Since April 2017 all staff is located in one place. In April 2017 the DMT Logistic Center achieved the main element of their strategic plan for that year – subsequent customers were moved to the headquarters in Pruszków, at ul. Parzniewska 18. From now on, all of employees’ experience, knowledge and technical background used for […]

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Happy Easter!

Dodano: 13.04.2017

grafika wielkanocna dmt.waw.pl życzenia

Wishes of joyful hope for the Easter Holiday, warm and welcome encounters with waking nature and traditionally – successes in personal and professional life   from   DMT Logistic Center Staff

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The secrets of logistics. Role of the logistic center in the e – commerce service

Dodano: 03.04.2017

What is the role of a logistic center in the e-commerce trade service while a strong impulse for on-line buying is a fast, flexible form of delivery and return of goods?   The satisfaction of the on-line customer increases the probability of doing repeated shopping in the same place. A strong impulse for buying – […]

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Dodano: 22.02.2017

The DMT Logistic Center, as an experienced provider of logistic services, is able to propose and implement special, flexible solutions dedicated to the customer. All in a friendly and solution-oriented atmosphere. Taking the role of an advisor in logistics is a direction that will allow us to keep succeeding in the market. That is why […]

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Christmas and New Year are coming.

Dodano: 22.12.2016

Święta Bożego Narodzenia

On this occasion, we wish to you all a Christmas bringing peace and relaxation and that the New Year is full of optimism, happiness and success.  We wish you to spend this special time in an atmosphere of happiness and love. DMT Logistic Center Team

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100% of respondents recommend the DMT Logistic Center

Dodano: 15.12.2016

The market of logistic services in Poland, though relatively young, is characterized by great diversity and a high level of competition. It requires constant activity, development and investments from the players. An efficient logistic operator translates to saving of time and money for the customer, and the level of the customer’s satisfaction with the service […]

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