100% of respondents recommend the DMT Logistic Center

The market of logistic services in Poland, though relatively young, is characterized by great diversity and a high level of competition. It requires constant activity, development and investments from the players. An efficient logistic operator translates to saving of time and money for the customer, and the level of the customer’s satisfaction with the service plays a key role.


Polling the customers about their level of satisfaction may uncover how they assess their contacts with the company in general, and with a well-structured questionnaire there is a chance to gain knowledge on specific elements of the logistic services provider’s offer.


The DMT Logistic Center has been operating in the logistic trade since 1999. Every day our employees do their best in order to make our customers feel the advantage coming from cooperating with the company.  In the poll, the customers were asked how it appears from their point of view.


The poll was conducted in the form of a telephone interview.  The following aspects were evaluated:

  • level of satisfaction with the service,
  • level of satisfaction with the offer,
  • readiness to recommend DMT.


Each company wishing to succeed in the market should provide the products and services which meet the needs of its customers to the fullest. “The reputation of a company is undoubtedly influenced by the opinions of the customers who willingly share them with their friends, coworkers and business partners. That is why the fact that the DMT Logistic Center is recommended by 100% of the respondents has impressed us greatly.” – says Michał Kujawa, the Logistics Manager in the DMT Logistic Center.


As part of the overall assessment, the satisfaction with using the Internet Platform, contacts with the Customer Service Department and the Warehouse Service were considered – separately from the point of view of the reception of goods into the warehouse and from the hand-over of the goods from the warehouse. The questions concerned the organization of the work as well as the attitude of the employees. The average score was 5.58 points in the scale of 1 to 6.


During the poll we were also able to ask about the individual elements of the DMT Logistic Center’s offer, such as: Internet integration, goods management platform, warehouse, co-packing, labeling, own transport and courier, virtual trader and special services. The scores placed in the range between 4.97 points to 5.57 points in the scale of 1 to 6.


“According to our customers’ assessment we are a grade-A Logistic Center. We aim not only to maintain this level of services, but also to take a more active role in the betterment of logistic processes of the customer. Being an advisor is the direction that will allow us to meet the expectations of our business partners” – says Michał Kujawa.