The secrets of logistics. Role of the logistic center in the e – commerce service

What is the role of a logistic center in the e-commerce trade service while a strong impulse for on-line buying is a fast, flexible form of delivery and return of goods?


The satisfaction of the on-line customer increases the probability of doing repeated shopping in the same place. A strong impulse for buying – next to an attractive price – is a flexible form of delivery and return. Also, the form of delivery depends on the effectiveness of the logistics management system that is introduced.


Logistic center as the key to success

A suitable location of the logistic center – its organization and efficient delivery service – creates a chance to achieve significant income from on-line shopping. The statistics support that notion. According to the data from an e-commerce report, in Poland in 2016 over 35% consumer respondents pointed out a problem of prolonged waiting for delivery. For 62% of the respondents the cost of delivery itself was important. At the same time, 42% of the respondents showed higher expectations towards the delivery of goods bought on-line than in a study from two years before.

How, then, should one secure competitive advantage? “A dream come true is to have one’s own warehouse equipped with full a logistic background, close to the center of the city. In reality, not all entrepreneurs can afford such a solution. In case of small companies, an insuperable obstacle may be the costs of renting area” – reports Michał Kujawa, Logistics Manager in the DMT Logistic Center.

Outsourcing services

The market of e-shops in Poland is rich with companies employing only several people, and for those companies a good solution is the outsourcing of logistic services. “The moment we exceed a boundary of a few hundred sent packages per month, we are actually no longer developing an e-shop since we are no longer able to deal with all the activities concerning the orders. There is simply no time for that. In that kind of situation it is good to start partnership with a logistic company” – notices Michał Kujawa.

Logistic companies – associated with transport and storing pallets – support e-commerce with increasing intensity, being aware of the dynamic development of this branch of trade. However, it is a requirement to those companies to have a flexible approach towards the organization of their own business. The contractors for logistic services expect from the operators that they will guarantee specialist methods of storing and assembling of products – even those of small dimensions. “That is why it is important for DMT to select adequate employees. We cannot afford to make mistakes resulting in complaints and effectively unsatisfied customers.” – adds Michał Kujawa.