The logic of distribution

For each customer ordering goods by courier time is the most important factor. That is why our integrated system for managing shipments allows for express completion of the order. An additional asset is our logistic service system, thanks to which we hold full supervision over the goods and advertising materials. We utilize a specialist program for management called WMS.
The program allows for:

  • preparing a shipment under 24 hours,
  • completion of orders issued until 12:00 p.m. during the same day,
  • reception of goods 24/7.

Virtual warehouse offer

For the sales representatives we have prepared an offer of virtual warehouses for rent.
It includes:

  • issuing a task of assembling and completion of an order 24/7,
  • access to reports and storage status through an Internet application,
  • sending packages from two separate warehouses.

Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of that solution is the savings generated by renting of storage area, which automatically translates to limiting the costs related to it. An additional advantage is the supervision over the employees or the current stock status. All of this is aimed to optimize the costs related to the logistics and transport. The job of the DMT company is not only transporting the goods to the right address of the customer within the specified time and in the right quantity. Nowadays, the most considerable attribute is money. That is why we do it as inexpensively as possible. In other words, at every order completion stage we save as much as we can.

Order completion stages

Those stages are:

  • completing and precisely tagging the dispatched goods,
  • planning the transport route,
  • selection of the most effective mode of transport,
  • control and numerous inspections of the shipment,
  • preparing a shipping document appropriate for the transport,
  • putting an advice note on the delivery,
  • independently delivering the transport or selecting an adequate carrier for that type of transport.

The satisfaction of customers using our logistic service is the most important for us. We adjust the offer to the individual customers, as well as representatives of companies. We are prepared to begin partnership with every kind of trade. We know that the customer will be satisfied with our work when the ordered goods make their way quickly, safely and the service does not cost too much. Due to this fact we put great effort so that our work is economical, fast and safe, we meet all your requirements.