Transport of goods

The logistics of transport is the most important service provided by DMT, next to warehousing and distribution. That is why we hold an adequate license that authorizes us to run a transport company and to provide transport services in the domestic and international markets. As a company with considerable experience, we keep only new vehicles in our fleet. We value their reliability and good condition because those features are necessary for quick and safe transport and that is the only way we can efficiently fulfill the assigned tasks. At the same time, we do not forget about protecting the environment. All of our vehicles meet the requirements of the Euro 5 standard. Accepting our logistic transport offer means a variety of advantages.What can you expect when using the services of DMT?

  • our vehicle fleet is always ready,,
  • we do everything by ourselves, we do not rely on carriers,,
  • each vehicle is equipped with a self-loading forklift, pallet jack or a lift, which makes it easy and efficient both to load and unload the goods,,
  • use of advice notes (you know when the shipping will be delivered).


  • each transport is secured with a civil liability policy,,
  • there is no room for intermediaries so all confidential information we keep to ourselves,,

All of the above-mentioned points ensure that the transport organized by DMT is fast, safe and economical. If, however, we are forced to use the services of carriers, we limit ourselves to only the best courier companies in the market. We cooperate with brands such as: DHL Parcel Polska, GLS (General Logistics Systems), DPD Polska, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Therefore, customers who already cooperate with these carriers and with us may rest easy. The quality and effects of the partnership will be on the highest level and it will surely be satisfactory. Such partnership must be fruitful, independently of the scale of transport and its character. We have thought about everything so it cannot be otherwise.