Additional services

The DMT company primarily handles warehousing logistics, distribution and transport, but on request of the customer we exceed the range of our typical services with additional ones.
We successfully carry out projects concerning:

  1. Co-packing:
    • we join single units of goods from the warehouse into sets selected by the customers,
    • we create gift baskets, as well as discount and present packages,
    • we tape and label the goods.

These are all just a part of our additional services. It is true that we do not avoid new, even the most unconventional propositions of our customers. Quite the opposite — we value their creativity and new ideas. We enjoy challenges and we have nothing against them.
  Latest services:

  • Virtual warehouse for sales representatives
  • Storage adapted to the needs of pharmacy goods and diet supplements
  • Storage adapted to the needs of veterinary medicine
  • Handling of on-line shops
  • Short-term storage
  • Transshipment in the cross-docking system
  • Deliveries for the production lines in the CANBAN system
  • New functions of the e-dmt system
  • • Integrations with sales platforms and ecommerce